Going Warm Turkey on Phones: Week 2

Levelling Up and Productivity, Phone Addiction, Values based living

See last week’s post here.


Since the last week, things have … Improved. Not as much as I would like, perhaps, but any movement is movement right?

Some numbers/observations:

  • I managed to get my phone time down to about 3-5h a day. Better. That’s a start.
  • Weekends were down a fair bit. I’d been on about 12h both Saturday and Sunday the week previous. I got about 7h/5h this past weekend, and felt like I got a lot more done than I normally do.
  • I only had one headache last week. Coincidentally it was on the day I fell apart a bit and used my phone a ton. Colour me surprised.
  • Despite uninstalling reddit, I instead torture myself with the terrible mobile site now. This happens even though I fucking hate reddit and most of the posts there make me feel miserable. I probably need to explore my reddit addiction more deeply…

The good stuff:

In general, cutting down using the graded hierarchy method I outlined last time seems to be working well. Sometimes I start automatically using my phone while eating or walking because I’m used to that; however, usually I’m able to remember that I made a commitment to not doing that.

Since I’d already identified that these weren’t situations that led to more than a 1 or 2 on the discomfort scale, it was just a matter of putting it away. I think this method works well with current thought on how best to form habits, too — the situation is the trigger, and chains on to an existing activity I do already so it’s easy to remember.

Given a bit more time I reckon it’ll become more natural. I’ve seen this happen with my quick walk to the station in the morning, where I established that I wouldn’t use my phone for any reason (unless I see a car accident or something) during that time. I automatically put it away before I leave now.

Thoughts for ahead:

I’m sure I will encounter a bit more difficulty as I move up the hierarchy and it becomes more anxiety inducing to cut out phone time (especially with sleep time — you can see above I had a lot of trouble with nightmares last night). I’ll probably need to adjust my method slightly at that point, and introduce more supports. Still, hopefully in the lead up to that I’ll have learned to be more mindful in general and the urge to surf won’t be so strong 🙂

Something else to think about is that although I check my phone less, I am conscious that I may unconsciously shift to using my laptop more, especially at work when bored. I’ll need to think about that, and maybe set smaller amounts of time when in the office to stay off my phone/the internet in general.

See ya next week!



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