Going Warm Turkey on Phones, Week 3

Phone Addiction, Values based living

See last week’s post here.

I had a pretty bad start last week. Mostly hormonal: the pill is the devil and the break wreaks havoc on my mental state (less so my body thankfully). During that time I often find myself doing more compulsions, spiralling more easily, and doing things I avoid the rest of the month (e.g. giving a shit about people I don’t interact with anymore). This happens to a lot of people I think, and my dad’s suggestions of ‘herbal remedies’ are surprisingly not very helpful…(!)

Nonetheless my phone usage for the week WAS considerably lower, by about 13 hours. I’m happy that even though I’ve had a terrible time, I still made progress. As well, my time spent surfing at work isn’t as high as I’d imagined; about an hour or so, which isn’t terrible over a full work day. I am still very distracted though, and check often which doesn’t amount to much time but still disrupts my mental state.

In terms of cutting out specific activities I’ve not made any new progress; not using my phone while walking or on the toilet or something haven’t quite become automatic yet. As such,  after next week I’ll probably change to biweekly and then monthly updates since it’ll take longer to make visible changes 🙂

I’m also going to work on my takeaway addiction next month as a semi challenge with Working Girl. In which I WILL be going cold turkey — and hopefully eating some turkey…



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