The importance of small wins

Levelling Up and Productivity, Values based living

Honestly, I can hardly bring myself to write a post. For various reasons I’ve been very sleep deprived this week (bad sleep hygiene, mostly!). My motivation is pretty much non-existent in most areas of my life.

But I read Atomic Habits recently, and because of that I’m trying to rely on small habits, and small victories, instead. I need the consistency first before I can think about doing things for a long period of time.

Meditating every day, but for only a minute.

Studying Korean every day, but I just do one topic or podcast or video.

Playing guitar every day, but I run through one scale or one technique or piece of theory (I’ve had the most progress I’ve ever had in guitar because of this, after hitting the intermediate slump for several years).

Writing my novel every day, but only for twenty minutes.

The blog hasn’t quite fit in yet — but I hope I will work out how to, even if it’s just a paragraph every week.

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